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Learning & Impact Project

The purpose of the Learning & Impact Project is to prove and improve the impact of the programs and services provided by both BGC Foothills Clubs as well as Clubs across Canada, individually and collectively, through evaluation.  To evaluate the effectiveness of programming provided by our Clubs in achieving the impact they intend, BGC Foothills Clubs has embarked on a multi-year project to build the capacity of our Clubs to collect data on the effects of the Club experience has on the lives of children and youth.


BGC Foothills Clubs remains committed to the deployment of the member survey to Club members ages eight and older to measure impact in four domains:


  • positive relationships,

  • healthy living,

  • lifelong learning,

  • and leadership skills. 


The factors measured by the survey in each domain are:

We invite you to review the results of our 2023 Learning & Impact Report.

For more information on BGC Foothills Clubs engagement and evaluation processes, please contact Nicole Van Langen, Director of Operations at

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- Program Evaluation

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