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Diamond Valley Parade - 2023

Diamond Valley Parade Day is an exciting annual event that takes place on the first Saturday of June. This year's celebration, themed "Amalgamation Celebration," will be held on Saturday, June 3. The entire community comes together to enjoy a fun-filled day of family-friendly events centered around the beloved Diamond Valley Parade.

The day kicks off with a delicious pancake breakfast hosted by the staff and students of Oilfields High School. Following the parade, the festivities continue at Millennium Park in former Turner Valley. Here, attendees can enjoy a wide range of activities, including bounce houses, a petting zoo, face painting, dunk tank, artisan market, Lion's Club barbecue, and a dance party.

In addition to the parade and Diamond Valley Day at Millennium Park, other events are happening around town, such as the annual Sheep River Library Book Sale and the Valley Neighbours' Club Bake Sale and Quilt Show.

The Town of Diamond Valley is thrilled to partner with BGC Foothills Clubs to coordinate all parade-related activities. For more information or to Volunteer, please email

To register for the parade, please check out the following link:

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